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Indoor Air Quality Testing

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Indoor Air Quality Testing or Air Sampling is one of the methods that may be used when performing mold testing. This sampling method will let us know the types of molds that are airborne. When spores are airborne they can be breathed in, which may trigger mold allergies in certain individuals.

Indoor Air Quality Testing or Air Sampling

When air sampling, a cassette is placed on a calibrated pump that collects the surrounding air for a set amount of time (typically one, five or ten minutes). Whenever there is an air sample taken in one area, there must also be a control or outside air sample taken for the basis of comparison. Unhealthy mold conditions area determined by comparing the inside air sample with the outside or control air sample. This control sample is also collected using a cassette on a calibrated pump. These samples are then sent to an accredited laboratory for analysis. Once we receive the lab results from the laboratory we prepare a thorough written report that will outline: what was observed during the mold inspection, any recommendations we can make to improve indoor air quality, tips on prevent mold growth and an analysis of the lab results. If the lab results indicate that “abnormal” fungal/mold conditions exist, the report will also outline the suggested mold remediation steps.

If you have questions regarding Indoor Air Quality Testing or if you would like to schedule Mold Testing, contact us to speak with a mold professional.

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