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Damage from Nor'easter May Result in Mold Growth

Damage from Nor'easter May Result in Mold Growth

This week started off with a bang as the Nor'easter brought high winds, coastal flooding and power outages to our region. With the warmer temperatures that we've been experiencing, homeowner's should pay close attention to those areas affected in order to prevent mold growth.

If your home (yes, that includes your crawl space!) has taken on water, the key is to thoroughly dry it out within 48 hours. After that 48-hour window, mold may begin to flourish. Pay close attention to any musty odors, or visible suspected growth. Allergenic molds have the ability to colonize in a variety of colors including black, white, green and yellow. Mold favors dark areas with little or no air disturbance such as areas along the subfloor in crawl spaces and basements, and underneath or behind furniture.

If your experiencing an odor, seeing possible mold growth or you are just looking for peace of mind, consider having a certified mold inspection perform a mold inspection and mold testing.

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